Ali Ibn Abi Talib: His Life and Times (Vol. 1&2) - Dr. Ali M. Sallabi

Ali Ibn Abi Talib: His Life and Times (Vol. 1&2) - Dr. Ali M. Sallabi

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Book 4 of 'The Rightly Guided Caliphs' series.

This book is far more than a biography, as it discusses major issues that have their origins in the early decades of Islam, the repercussions of which are still felt today. In this book, Dr. Sallabi guides the reader through a myriad of hadiths and reports, peeling away the centuries-old layer of hostile elements both in the Muslim world and beyond sought to conceal the truth. What emerges is a clear picture of the first great turmoil that engulfed the Muslim world and how the noble companions of the prophet and the members of his family worked together to resolve these momentous issues, following the guidance and teaching brought by the Messenger of Allah.

The true battle for hearts and minds is that which is raging in the Muslim world today, where many vested interests are seeking to distort the very self-image of the Muslims. It is high time for us to reclaim our history and to stop letting others tell it for us. This book is of great importance as it sets the record straight on a period of our history that is of major significance. Every Muslim who cares about the big issues faced by Islam and Muslims should read this book.

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